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  • 10% Off Your First Purchase - Use Coupon is "SAVE10"

Thida Brands

Thida provides Quality Tea Manufacturer is located in Thailand, Thailand and deploy our excellent products to the rest of the world. We strive to provide the best quality tea to our customers at the best price.

Soursop Tea Benefit

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Lindsay Myers

I just tried Thida Tea for the first time. It’s a tea made from soursop fruit grown in Asia. It can help reduce inflammation, improve your energy levels, and it helps you have a healthier life. Completely natural and organic, it is full of antioxidants with B and C vitamins. This is something on the menu for me this next year! A cup of healthy deliciousness!

Danoue Goueth

I added a little honey & sugar to this tea when drinking it hot & it made it taste amazing . I have been researching the health benefits of soursop for a few years now and I only wish it had been available when my grandfather was dying of colon cancer . This tea has a taste all it’s own like green tea mixed with black tea. It’s energizing & refreshing .

Saint Martha

When you open the package and take a whiff, don't let the smell discourage you. It tastes great! I don't eat sugar at all, and this tea tastes rather sweet to me. Had to look at the package again to make sure it wasn't added. A great value, and a good tasting tea!


I'm an avid tea drinker, I don't drink coffee but maybe once a month. I really like this tea a lot. The flavor is good and not overwhelming, and looking up soursop tea, it apparently has many health benefits which is. Always a huge plus.

Bonita Dee

Tastes great and smells good. Followed its directions and kinda felt an energy boost as well.